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How do I contact you?

If you need any kind of help, please use our support email which is support@poolottery.com

Is there a limit on the bet times?

No, you can bet however many times you want to.

How am I paid for my winnings?

Whenever we have a winner they are usually paid through our preffered methods like PayPal or alike. But if incase you win and aren't able to use PayPal or our other services for some reason, we usually are able to figure it out by using local bank transfers.

Am I able to bet more than the suggested buttons?

No, you are only able to bet using one of the four given options. Either $5, $15, $25 or $50 which incase you win will be quadroubled, which considering the bet amount can equate a great amount in winnings.

Have you ever had issues paying the winners?

No, "knock on wood" so far we haven't had any issues and all 100% of our winners have been able to receiver their given winnings. The only issues we may have had is that we have had to use other payment services than originally anticipated for non western located countries.

What is the story behind PooLottery?

The initial idea behind it is an old game played in Scandinavia, where the farmers would have a fenced field and bet on where their cows would poop.

Remember PooLottery is a website, where you are playing
with real money and therefore you also have the risk of loosing
money. PooGambling can't guarantee you will win and by playing
our game you understand that what you loose is lost and
it can't be retrieved.

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