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Privacy policy

Your privacy is of most importance to us, which is why we gather only the necessary information about you. The only information we keep for later use is your name, email and country. Those are to make sure we are able to contact you incase of issues regarding your bet, or if we for some reason need to contact you regarding a subject of importance for you only. We don't use your information for emailing you any kind of marketing and we don't sell any of the information to third party clients.

Your payment information is processed through secure SSL layers, which makes sure your payment information is completely encrypted. We are never in possesion of your payment information, it is all automatic and completely safe.
Dirt Ground Line Break

Remember PooLottery is a website, where you are playing
with real money and therefore you also have the risk of loosing
money. PooGambling can't guarantee you will win and by playing
our game you understand that what you loose is lost and
it can't be retrieved.

SSL Payment Security